The Island Village of Barren Women

a001430123-001Parable of the Barren Woman:

There are few things more difficult than patience. The sensation of want can be paralyzing when sustained, and can eventually corrupt a person’s total mind, their body, and eventually their heart. There is a story told from the book of Genesis, with its wild images, swindlers and magicians, that I meditate on during long seasons:

There was a woman named Sarah who was barren. She was a beautiful woman with a wealthy husband who loved her very much. She had more than any woman would ever want–servants at her beckoning call, food, land–however her greatest desire, her dream was to become a mother. Sarah waited 90 years, 90 WHOLE YEARS before realizing this dream. She almost even lost the inheritance of the covenant to her impatience, when she forced her husband to sleep with her maid so that he would have an heir. Luckily, that son (Ishmael) was not in the master plan, and she was saved from herself. 90 years Sarah waited and sent out prayers to a night sky for the realization of her dream. The beauty of the story is that she not only gave birth to a fulfilled dream, but she gave birth to Israel, amazing Israel–ancestor of King David–father of Solomon–ancestor of Jeconiah–ancestor of Joseph, legal father of Jesus Christ; she only wanted a son and gave birth to the root of brilliant lifelines and ancestors to one of the greatest stories ever told.