1st Avenue & 1st Street

  • Last night at One on One with a girlfriend. We went there after a lame party at The DL rooftop bar. It was decided that neither of us would move to The Lower East Side. Ever.
  • Freshman year, 2003, when W__ came to visit and there was a crackhead who chased us back to the Third North dorm.
  • Walking from my apt on Houston and Attorney to classes in 2005.
  • That time he didn’t show up this May and I got an email the following morning and realized that things would always be the same.
  • That time A___ and I were at a basement club at a DJ friend’s party people watching and she said, “Look at this two-stepping ass couple.”
  • Holding hands with D____ in 2002.
  • That time A____ came to town in 2009 and met up with me and J____ and as a joke she asked a girl walking by our table for fries. The girl cursed her out.
  • Katz Deli on Friday nights at NYU.
  • That party for the twins when that girl kept acting like she couldn’t hear me.
  • A punk rock concert with K____ after she found out I was newly single. She invited a date. We got back together shortly after.
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